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Lagos Nigeria

The bubbling and colourful cultural life of Lagos- Nigeria is captured in this beautifully designed and well crafted fridge magnet. A perfect collectible item for your personal collection or a perfect gift item. Made from bronze; with an overall length similar to the size of a postcard photo and two high performance magnets, the badge will clip tight and gracefully to any surface that is attracted to magnets.

Lagos is Nigeria’s  largest , it’s known for its many beaches and artefacts, it’s often called “Lag” , “Eko” or “Lasgidi”. As at 2015, it is estimated that 12.4 million people live in Lagos although many people disagree on this as they believe that the number of people in Lagos is well above that. It’s one of the best commercial cities in Africa and it’s often referred to as the entertainment capital of Nigeria. It has an international airport known as Muritala Muhammad International airport located in Ikeja, Lagos.

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This bridge covers 1.358 kilometres and it’s the first cable stay bridge in Nigeria, its head room is 9 metres above water level. It was commissioned in 2013 by the former governor of Lagos state Babatunde Fashola. This bridge also serves as a meeting point for fitness enthusiasts as well as a connecting road for both commercial and private vehicles.

Lagos Three Elders

This is a white granite image of three Lagos white cap chiefs who serve as a welcoming hand to visitors. They are a replica of the traditional Lagos white cap chiefs. It is believed that each one has a message for visitors, their words roughly means in Lagos you should not be stupid, slow or be a fool. They were designed in 1991 by Bodun Shodeinde, it’s over 12 feet high and was moved along Epe road in 2004.

National Theatre Iganmu

This theatre was designed in preparation for the Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) in 1977. It covers about 23,000 square metres and it’s over 31 metres tall with about 5000 Seats. This theatre is shaped like a military hat and it’s often called “the culture house”, it was commissioned by General Yakubu Gowon.

Eyo Festival/ Masquerade

The word “eyo” refers to a costumed dance and Masquerades that emerge during this dance. The festival is usually held to escort the soul of a deceased Lagos king or chief, it’s also held when a new king is being installed. It’s a time in which no one is expected to wear sandals, smoke, ride bicycles, make certain hair styles, women are not allowed to tie a scarf or wear the eyo costume. An eyo Masquerade is robed from head to toe in a white flowing gown with its face covered as no one is expected to see any part of the person behind the masquerade.

Lagos Fishing

Various rural communities in Lagos have magnificent fishing hubs which serve as an economic activity along the water side of Lagos .There is also the modern Lagos Fishing hub chapters which sees fishing in Lagos as an adventure and also a sport.

Lagos Danfo

This is a yellow and black bus that serve as a commercial means of transportation, it usually has a driver and a conductor. The conductors are generally perceived as touts. The conductors are generally in charge of collecting transport fares from passengers while the driver drives uninterrupted. Passengers most time struggle to secure a sit in the Danfo and each bus stop is called out by the conductor upon arrival and passengers alight at their respective bus stops.

Lagos Keke NAPEP

The word “keke NAPEP” is derived from a Yoruba word “keke” meaning tricycle and” NAPEP” meaning National Poverty Eradication Programme. It is a commercial yellow and black tricycle that has no door and carries five people including the driver, this tricycle unlike the Danfo has no conductor and it’s the driver who mention the names of each bus Stop.

Eko Akete

Eko Akete is the shortened version of the sentence “ eko Akete ilu ogbon” a Yoruba sentence which roughly means “ Lagos state, a land of the wise”. The word “eko” is derived from the word “oko’ which means cassava farm or “eko’ which another version of history translates as warfare. Akete generally means mat or bed stead.

Lagos Sunshine and Palm tree

Lagos is generally sunny with its daylight weather mostly between 32°C / 27°C and has palm trees that serve as a sight attraction to visitors. The palm trees serves as a palm oil production farm for local farmers. A lot of lagos bloggers collects pictures of each palm tree in Lagos as its widely believed that the palm trees are beautiful to look at.

Lagos Coat of Arms

The Lagos Coat of Arms is the seal of the Lagos state government. It was designed in 1967 and consists of a white cap, leaves, wheel, fishing activities, cowries, three lines, coconut palm. All of these are seen as a reflection of the Lagos people.

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