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Wazobia Nigeria

Nigeria is a multi-ethnic country with people who speak different languages and live in unity. The acronym “WAZOBIA” was coined from the three major Nigerian languages- Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo. “WA” means come in Yoruba; “ZO” stands for come in Hausa while “BIA” means come in Igbo. Those words put together formed “WAZOBIA” which all together means come. In other words, “come to Nigeria”.

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Three Men

The three men on the magnet is a representation of the Yoruba, Hausa and the Igbo people. The Yoruba people are a group of about 35 million people from western part of Nigeria. The Yoruba language which they speak is estimated to be spoken by about 80 million people worldwide. The Igbos are the people from the south-central and south eastern parts of Nigeria. They speak the “Igbo Language”. The people from the northern part of Nigeria are referred to as the Hausa’s; there are about 50 million Hausas in the northern part of Nigeria- they are the largest ethnic group in Nigeria.

Green White Green Map

Green, white and green is the official colour of the map of Nigeria. The green represents the abundance of natural resources; the white colour represents the unity enjoyed by the diverse ethnic groups within the country. The designer of this magnet has put the three men against a backdrop of the flag to represent the unity of existence in abundance.

Abuja Gate & Zuma Rock

Just at the entry point into the city of Abuja- the capital city of Nigeria is a concrete gate that welcomes visitors to the city.

Zuma rock is a large monolith located the heart of Niger state. It stands at an elevation of 1,125m above sea level. See if you can spot the Abuja gate and the Zuma rock on the magnet.

Lagos skyline

Lagos is a developed city in Nigeria that has its peculiar architecture. Lagos is the home of many modernist skyscrapers as well as postmodern architecture. The national theatre for instance is a testament to the nature of architecture within the city. It is a 31meter tall building shaped after the military cap. See if you can Identify the National theatre on the magnet.

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