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Colourful Telephone Box

The bubbling and colourful cultural life of Lagos- Nigeria is captured in this beautifully designed and well crafted fridge magnet. A perfect collectible item for your personal collection or a perfect gift item. Made from bronze; with an overall length similar to the size of a postcard photo and two high performance magnets, the badge will clip tight and gracefully to any surface that is attracted to magnets.

Lagos is Nigeria’s  largest , it’s known for its many beaches and artefacts, it’s often called “Lag” , “Eko” or “Lasgidi”. As at 2015, it is estimated that 12.4 million people live in Lagos although many people disagree on this as they believe that the number of people in Lagos is well above that. It’s one of the best commercial cities in Africa and it’s often referred to as the entertainment capital of Nigeria. It has an international airport known as Muritala Muhammad International airport located in Ikeja, Lagos.

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